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Capture feedback from your clientele using secure kiosks

  • Kiosk, software and continued service all included - a true turn key solution.
  • Tell compelling funding stories with data straight from your clients
  • View data anywhere and see how you stack up compared to other providers
  • Initiate real change by listening to those who know your issues best
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Actionable insight from your clients delivered continuously

Pulse kiosk and web platforms are always working for you. Gathering information about how your clients feel about topics like 'How safe do you feel here?' or 'How were your interactions with the staff?'.

Compare your responses to the industry averages and see how you stack up to other service providers in your area. Use this data to help tell funding stories, tweak processes and show you value those you serve by providing a place for them to be heard.

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Person Centered Approach

We believe that social issues are problems that cannot be solved without involving the individuals experiencing the issues personally. Pulse allows for every voice to be heard and for intelligent analysis of those voices to help find patterns that might unlock ways to make a provider's services more efficient.

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Client satisfaction tracking from beginning to end

We treat each customer as a partner. We take time to understand your needs and ensure that our solution will help you solve them.

Simple and Intuitive

Your clients don't have time to fiddle with complex surveys, questionnaires and studies, and neither do you. Our solution stripes away anything not necessary and gets out of the way of your clients giving you feedback.

Analytics and Reporting Dashboard

Our solution will give you the ability to see the data you collect in real time through a simple, easy to use dashboard. Results can be printed or viewed on a mobile device.

We're dedicated to doing good for the world.

We're using our skills, experience and time to help develop solutions that really matter. And we're starting with homelessness.

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