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Our Story

Here at Pulse For Good we believe in a lot of things. We believe that lunch is best shared with friends (preferably before 12), that there's little better than a good book, and that you will never win an argument about bedtime with a two-year old. Two other things we believe are that information is powerful and that we want to do something worthwhile in this world. These common beliefs led us to form Pulse For Good. We have been building software for over a decade, solving complex problems in areas such as the justice system, federal government, and military. We are now bringing our expertise to the world's most difficult problems.

Adopting as our motto: For Good, we are committed to using our skills, our time, our passion and our experience For Good. This drive to do good is what brought our team together, so let us introduce ourselves.

Our Team

Marc Weaver

Business Development

Remington Rainey

Business Development

Wes Meacham

User Experience

Tyrell Fenn

User Experience

Blake Kohler

Software Engineering

Travis Marble

Software Engineering

Our Advisory Board

Tamera Kohler

Chief Operations Officer at San Diego, Regional Task Force on the Homeless

Iain De Jong

President and CEO of OrgCode / National Homeless Expert

Kathryn Monet

Chief Executive Officer of the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

Mark Johnston

National Homeless Expert

Amy Daeschel

Former Homeless Individual / Homeless Advocate

Dr. Jamison Fargo

Associate Dean for Research, Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services

Matt Thomas

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operations Officer, Centeva

Michele S. Williams

CEO Michelse S. Williams LLC. National Homeless Expert.

In Memory:

Lloyd Pendleton

Recently one of our advisory board members, Lloyd Pendleton, passed away from a fight with cancer. Anyone who interacted with Lloyd knew of his willingness to help and he brought his willingness to Pulse with gusto. We will be forever grateful for his advice, guidance and leadership.

If you never had a chance to speak with Lloyd we would encourage you to take the time to listen to him speak at a TED event talking about some of the amazing work he did for the homeless community both in Utah and around the country.

Ted Talk
Lloyds Obituary

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