How It Works

Survey Creation Consulting and Installation

After a service provider has agreed to use our service, our first step is to try and understand what things they're seeking information about and how they are hoping to use that information. We then work in partnership with them to craft a survey that will:

  • Help gather the data they are looking for
  • Include our core questions to promote the ability to compare data across service providers
  • Ensure they are compliant with our terms and conditions

We then work to install the necessary hardware in locations that promote both security of the device and privacy for the user. Preference is given to areas with heavy foot traffic to promote user engagement.

Our Advanced Survey Engine

Our survey engine is robust yet simple. It can handle many different types of questions including multi-select, true / false, text input and a simple star rating. Surveys flow in either a linear or nonlinear order depending on the conditional logic required for that survey. Logic can be included to cause certain additional questions to appear if specific answers are selected.

All answers are recorded, including the time, date and any device information we have available to help understand where the surveys are being submitted from and help with fraud protection.

Kiosk and Other Hardware Offerings

We currently have two different hardware offerings. The first option is a kiosk is designed for secure wall or surface mounted tablet installations in a wide variety of environments. Formed steel and aluminum with rivets for added structural integrity creates a slim-line surface or wall mountable and security enclosure with added room for power routing.

We also will provide iPads in protective cases for outreach teams where an installation of a physical kiosk may not be possible.

Analytics and Reporting Dashboard

In order for service providers and government agencies to gain value from the data that we gather, it must be able to be delivered in an easy to consume form. Our analytics and reporting provides an easy way to see the latest responses to surveys, filter results and compare answers to core questions across service providers. Service providers who use our system automatically have access to view their data on their dashboard.  Access to another service provider’s data or multiple service providers’ data sets requires complete data dashboard access. Various charts and graphical representations help to point out trends and insights into the data that has been gathered.

Follow Up Services

We offer various forms of follow up services both to help support your organization and to help support your clients.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Every three months we hold a meeting with the service provider and go over the data we have received and try and help them set goals for how they are going to improve the services they are offering based on the feedback they have been given by their clientele. We review the survey questions and the amount of submissions and make plans to tweak or change the way we're gathering data to try and lead to more results. This can lead to more kiosk installations, more marketing material or changing the location of a kiosk to try and gain more traffic for it.

Town Halls

In addition to the quarterly business reviews, we also offer to lead a public meeting to go over the data we've received and talk about the steps that are being taken to try and improve the services based off the feedback that has been given. These town halls provide a way to add transparency and accountability to the people being served. They show the value of giving feedback and helps members of the homeless population know that their voice is being heard.

Follow-Up Surveys

After a client takes the survey, if they enter their email address in the optional email field we then follow up with that person six months to a year after the original survey was taken with an additional, more complex survey. This helps us to close the feedback loop and understand what services provided the most value in the long run.

Incentive Management

As part of the survey software, we help manage incentives for clients to continue to take the surveys. These come in the form of gift card drawings that can be set at different frequencies such as weekly, monthly or quarterly. The clients are asked if they'd like to give their email address, after which they're entered into the drawing. Drawing results are then sent back to the service provider and they distribute the prize.

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