Grants for Good

We believe that all service providers should have access to the data they need to be successful. Because in the end it's often not the service providers who bare the cost of failure but instead the people they are serving. Working with government groups, foundations and individuals we've come up with a way to help ensure the groups that need the feedback get the feedback.

Feedback for the people that need it most

Our solution is not cheap. The costs associated with phyical hardware, high level software and experienced consulting can be very high. We attempt to charge as little as possible for our product while still keeping our doors open. Despite this, there are still some who cannot afford to implement our system.

Because of this we've started the Grants For Good program to ensure every organization that needs our solution can have access to our solution.

How does Grants for Good Work?

We offer a discounted solution that is then paid for by our partners.

What does an organization get?

Every organization that recieves a grant gains access to a special three year program valued at $35,000. This program includes the installation cost and yearly subscription fee for three years.

Who pays for the grant?

Grants are paid for by a mix of individual donors, foundations and other organizations. These are normally groups who are interested in the success of a specific service provider. When a service provider applies for a grant we will work with them to identify possible funding partners.

How Do I apply?

Grant applications are done via the same sales process we use for paying service providers. Contact the sales team to discuss the options and they'll get the grant application process underway.

How Can I help?

We are always looking for more funding partners to help run the Grants for Good program. If you would be interested in sponsoring a current applicant, have an applicant you'd like to sponsor in mind, or just want to talk about the options please feel free to check out our partner funded grant program.

What is stopping your from getting the feedback you need?

Lets start gathering feedback about what your could be doing better

We're always looking for more cities, counties or communities that are ready to start helping their social service providers be more effective.