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Sanitizing a Pulse Kiosk
A kiosk can be a dirty place and vulnerable individuals are also those with the highest risk when it comes to communicative illness. Making sure your kiosks are properly and often sanitized can ensure that your clients, patients, and staff are protected from the germs that take up residence on your kiosks.
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How to run an organizational Pulse check
Every organization needs to take time to reflect on how it has been doing. This time of reflection and retrospection can propel an organization to greater heights.
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The Vulnerability Gap
What happens when you are afraid to give your honest opinion? The fear that is introduced creates a new class of people.
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Beyond their means
How one organization understood the value of volunteers and invested in them
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Forbes: Things Change When Providers Gather Feedback From Homeless People They Serve
In the homeless services arena, feedback isn’t always sought. When it is, it often is done by the staff. How honest is the feedback about the services likely to be when the service provider conducts the survey, watching as you answer questions on a written form?
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Salt Lake Tribune: Catholic Community Services, Pulse for Good aim to improve experience for homeless clients
Catholic Community Services was the first homeless service provider in Utah to try the new technology, which is part of a growing effort across the state and in the Salt Lake City area’s three new homeless resource centers to give homeless people a voice they’ve often lacked in the services that affect them.
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Pulse For Good selected for Kiln Startup Showcase
Pulse was honored to be selected by Kiln to share our story at the 2020 Silicon Slopes Tech Summit.
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For Good: How the UX process helped us do something positive
When we started Pulse For Good, a client-satisfaction solution geared towards the homeless population and the service providers that serve them, we knew we wanted to do something different.
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Small changes lead to big results
Make feedback normal. Not a performance review.
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Pulse For Good finalist for Utah Innovation Award
A committee of more than 80 experts from Utah’s private industry, government and academic communities voted on winners and finalists.
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The second duty of love
How one service provider is changing the world, one shower curtain at a time
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City Weekly: Taking Clients' Vitals
New digital survey gives homeless people a say in how five Utah organizations can better tailor their services.
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Continuous Feedback & Social Services
How can we gather better customer satisfaction from the consumers of social services?
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Benefits of Social Startups
At Pulse For Good, we are a social startup, we hope to use technology not to drive profits, through trendy “likes” but through lasting change and betterment of society.
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Pulse For Good is a social good company dedicated to helping the voices of vulnerable people change the way organizations, communities and groups provide services. We utilize technology to help individuals have a safe place to share feedback about the services they receive without fear of retribution.
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