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Catholic Community Services Homeless Division - SLC

The second duy of love

Paul Tillich, a twentieth century philosopher and theologian, once said that, “the first duty of love is to listen.” I’ve come to believe Mr. Tillich. However, I’ve learned something else along the way: If listening is the first duty of love, responding is the second.

In 2017, myself and a group of friends created a company to help Homeless Service Providers do just that; we help them listen. We created Pulse For Good as a platform for the voice of vulnerable populations. In business speak we created a client-satisfaction tracking solution. In regular terms, we created a listening tool. We felt that if we could provide service providers with a tool to help them listen then we would be making a difference. And we did, to an extent.

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Catholic Community Services Volunteers - SLC

Beyond their means

In 2018, Catholic Community Services in Salt Lake City, Utah began using Pulse to gather client feedback — a system designed to gather client feedback from those individuals using the services provided by CCS. Each of those individuals were going through the harrowing experience of homelessness.

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"Working with Pulse for Good has been an incredibly positive experience for us at Catholic Community Services of Utah (CCS) and has changed the way we think about client feedback"
-Matt Melville
Director of Homeless Services
"These surveys have been amazing. Everyone should be required to do these. It humanizes the problem by providing a way to hear stories and empathize with the homeless individual.."
-Greg Hughes
Speaker of the House State Of Utah House of Representatives
"We are loving working with @PulseForGood to find out how our client's are receiving our services and what we can do better to help everyone that walks in our door reach self-sufficiency!"
-CCS Utah
"It has been an amazing tool for us."
-Courtney Cooper
AmeriCorps VISTA
"If you are serious about feedback from your service users or the organizations you fund, and you want a successful platform for doing so, then I strongly recommend you check out Pulse for Good"
-Iain De Jong
CEO - Orgcode
"It is a wonderful survey tool created by Pulse for Good that allows us to get feedback from clients as they leave their appointments. It takes less than 2 minutes for them to complete (on an iPad placed in a private location in the office) and collects data on how they felt about our services. It is very helpful in tracking outcomes (and for providing funders data on program services used.)"
-Kim Datwyler
Executive Director Neightborhood Nonprofit Housing