Stories building empathy and love

Stories building empathy and love

Our podcast has provided a way for us to listen, act, and love.

Blake Kohler
Blake Kohler
Co-Founder / CEO
Stories building empathy and love

A few months ago, during a planning session, the Pulse For Good team suggested we start a podcast. The thought process was we could help fulfill our mission to improve the world's most important organizations by sharing the stories, successes, and failures that are experienced by those looking to change the world.

The podcast could also help us introduce ourselves and our services to new potential clients by building on the relationships that exist for those we're interviewing.

So far, we've recorded many podcasts (which you can listen to here) by asking individuals we've met over the last few years of attempting to help Pulse For Good be successful.

A surprising emotion

We didn't realize when we started a podcast how much we were leaning into our philosophy of utilizing stories to build empathy. Each podcast we emerge from leaves us with a renewed desire to change the world for the better. It motivates us to reexamine the work that we're doing and make sure we have the impact we think we're having.

An additional surprising emotion - a feeling of empathy, not just for the individuals who are receiving services but also for the people who are doing the serving, emerged as we recorded the podcasts.

*In every case, this empathy has led to an increase in love for the people who are sharing their stories. *

How can we help

We've interviewed groups working towards ending homelessness, solving rural education issues, delivering high-quality tech tools for nonprofits, and offering innovative solutions for mental health issues. Listening to their stories has caused us to reflect. It's caused us to pause and ask - "How can we help?".

As each recording ends, there is unfailing the rush to learn how we can help. We offer tools, connections, resources, and goodwill. We do it without thinking - It is a natural by-product of feeling empathy. Empathy drives us to act.

Increase in love

Empathy drives us to act because we now feel a reflection of the other person's emotions. We are partaking in their pain. Our rush to serve not only quells the other individual's problem but also reduces our emotional pain. This feeling for others as keenly as we feel for ourselves is the very definition of love.

When we treat others pain as though they were our pains, we unlock a world of better relationships and healing hearts. When we act to soothe the soul of another, we invite them more deeply into our friendship circle. Every act of compassion builds a more profound love on both sides of the relationship.

These relationships built on love are what drive change in people, organizations, and communities. It all starts with giving people a little bit of time to share their stories. Shakespeares' quote about mercy well summarizes the opportunity to build love by both listening and acting: "It is twice blessed: It blesseth him that gives and him that takes."

We invite you to listen to our new podcast: The Business of Vulnerability. We know that as you do, you will also feel the desire to help others. We also invite you to act upon those feelings - give your resources, time, and talents to the organizations that inspire you.

As we try and build a better future for our world, let us make it using the love that comes from empathy.