Pulse 2020 Quarter 2 Release Notes

Release Notes: Weekly Email Updates, Language Support, and Spam Handling + More.

Blake Kohler
Blake Kohler
Co-Founder / CEO
Pulse 2020 Quarter 2 Release Notes

Weekly Email Updates

One of the favorite features of most Pulse For Good users is getting an email update each week sharing what feedback their clients have shared. These emails have needed some updating, and this quarter, we turned our attention to make sure that they were sharing the most needed information.

You will notice that the emails were updated to show both organization scores and individual site scores all in one easy to read report. These emails are also available online when there are too many sites to display in one email or looking for a way to share the email with others.

Weekly update example

Langauge Support

Language Support Vulnerable individuals speak many different languages, but we were unable to support the use of most of them in a survey for far too long. The lack of language support prevented us from getting feedback from those clients who might be uncomfortable reading or interacting with the languages we did support. With the help of our friends at Google, we can help deliver your survey in most languages.

Clients efficiently use this functionality as they are given a language selector at the top of each survey that allows them to switch between languages at will.

Spam Detection and Handling

One of the most common concerns when utilizing kiosks is that someone might spend their time putting in the same score repeatedly. Without making you relive your college stats classes, we're now using some statistical tooling to remove obvious spam by tracking the amount of time someone takes between answering each question.

Vanity URLS

Previously when you wanted to share our survey via email or text, you had to utilize a clumsily long URL such as -https://kiosk.pulseforgood.com/survey/hJ4Bp2Vjdl4ZRYZ0BTjO

Now you can send much shorter and easier to remember URL's like: p4g.to/DEMO

Ahhh, much better.

Enhanced Security

We've also taken significant steps towards ensuring your data remains safe today and into the future by enhancing and updating our security features to protect your data both in dashboard format and when accessed via API.

Other Updates

  • The ability to add information only slides to your survey effectively allowing you to communicate back to an individual when they answer certain questions. This was requested and used to help communicate what to do if you have certain COVID symptoms.
  • A reminder to wash your hands once you've completed the survey (this is customizable and can share any message once a survey is completed)
  • Better tooling to share dashboard access with others and add new organization members to your team inside of Pulse
  • Improvements in keeping individuals responses anonymous to help ensure we're protecting the clients