2020 Pulse For Good Release Notes - Year in Review

2020 Pulse For Good Release Notes - Year in Review

In 2020 we worked to help our customers adapt and gather feedback from individuals who were more vulnerable than ever.

Blake Kohler
Blake Kohler
Co-Founder / CEO
2020 Pulse For Good Release Notes - Year in Review

The year 2020 has been challenging for everyone, but it is particularly challenging for vulnerable individuals and those that spend their lives serving them. These challenges became very apparent for the team at Pulse For Good. We worked to help our customers adapt and gather feedback from individuals who were more vulnerable than ever.

Many of these challenges drove our product's evolution and helped us refine how we can help. Below you will find a list of additions and refinements that help organizations gather feedback more effectively broken down into what we accomplished each quarter.

First Quarter 2020: 

During the relatively carefree days of the first quarter of 2020, our team focused on helping build out the system to better support more communities. Our updates included automating processes, working on what happens when a kiosk loses power, internet, or has other issues, making it easier to manage notifications, and updating our conditional logic to help ensure individuals receive the most appropriate questions.

Features Added or Updated:

  • Onboarding / Support Emails
  • Automated support emails
  • Guided access mode setup instructions/reminder
  • Notification management screen
  • Enhanced conditional questions
  • API
  • Automated Tests
  • User management

Second Quarter 2020: 

The second quarter of 2020 began with a focus on making life better for administrators of the system by automating weekly email reporting, adding automated spam detection, handling the automatic translation of our surveys into hundreds of languages, and increasing the application's security.

COVID-19 called the utility of individual kiosks into question (when there's no one in your facility, it's hard to have them use a kiosk). We needed to ensure that we could gather feedback safely and efficiently, even if they couldn't touch one of our kiosks.

The need for increased safety led us to improve the kiosk experience, including utilizing the kiosk to gather and distribute information about COVID-19 resources and adding reminders for individuals who have used a kiosk to wash their hands.

In addition to these changes, we enhanced our ability to gather feedback away from the kiosk itself, using surveys that run on any computer or mobile device.

Features Added or Updated:

  • Spam Detection and Handling
  • Enhanced Security
  • Language Support
  • Weekly Email Updates
  • Vanity URLs
  • 'Wash your hands' reminder
  • COVID Info Screen

Third Quarter 2020:

The third quarter saw more of our partners settling into the 'new normal' of life. We added many enhancements to help our partners gather feedback more effectively and utilize kiosks for tasks that traditionally required face-to-face interactions.

Pulse partners could now utilize the kiosk to run third party forms, such as Google forms inside the kiosk, and pulse software, could filter data more powerfully and have a survey conducted touch-free utilizing the QR code feature. In addition to these updates, multiple surveys could now be running on a single kiosk, gathering feedback from clients, staff, and visitors from a single touchpoint.

Features Added or Updated:

  • Third-party form integration
  • Filtering updates
  • QR code surveys
  • Multiple surveys on a single kiosk

Fourth Quarter 2020:

The fourth quarter brought an increased focus on helping larger organizations get more value out of the Pulse For Good system. For organizations running multiple kiosks seeing all of the data aggregated into one dashboard provided a unique way to analyze and discuss data.

In addition to the organizational views, we also created administrators' ability to create customer groups, allowing for the same administrative tools to be available for smaller groupings of kiosks and surveys.

We also made public our internal metrics that track your kiosk uptime, helping to display how often an individual kiosk may be having problems and highlighting ways we might be able to help it stay online.

Features Added or Updated:

  • Organization Views
  • Create Custom Groups
  • Uptime tracking

What is coming in 2021:

If there is one thing that we learned in 2020, it's that fate has a way of ruining your plans. And while we know that different situations may crop up and change our plans, here are some of the features we're looking forward to adding in 2021.

Features to be added or updated:

  • Phone Surveys
  • Automated Peer to Peer Benchmarking
  • More robust filter comparisons 
  • Updated printed reports
  • Sentiment Analysis 
  • Increased support for large organizations, including better member management and invoice management

We're grateful to all of the Pulse For Good family, our customers, advisors, friends, and employees who help us make a difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals around the country. Thank you for following our journey and helping us make feedback gathering a more straightforward and hopefully more effective process.