Our Mission

Helping difference makers listen, act, and love

Our mission at Pulse is to provide data to decision makers that empowers them to make the best choices they can for the people they serve. We believe that decisions backed by accurate, quality, and timely data will make services better for customers. We also believe that everyone, no matter their situation in life, deserves to have their voice heard and feel like they are being listened to. We hold true the words of twentieth-century philosopher Paul Tillich when he said, “The first duty of love is to listen.” We add that the second duty of love is to act. We strive to help organizations listen, act, and love.


Blake Kohler
Co-Founder & CEO
Wesley Meacham
Co-Founder & Design
Travis Marble
Co-Founder & Development
Remington Rainey
Co-Founder & VP of Sales
Tyrell Fenn
Co-Founder & Design
Marc Weaver
Co-Founder & Design

Advisory Board

Mark Johnston
National Homeless Expert
Kathryn Monet
National Homeless Expert
Iain De Jong
National Homeless Expert
Amy Daeschel
Homeless Advocate
Dr. Jamison Fargo
Dean for Research
Tamera Kohler
National Homeless Expert
Matt Thomas
COO/CFO Centeva
Michele S. Williams
National Homeless Expert


Pulse is devoted to helping vulnerable communities by supporting those that serve them. We provide a safe place for individuals to share feedback regarding the assistance they receive without fear of retribution. We strongly believe in maintaining the anonymity of the individual.

While our solution is flexible and adaptable enough to fit into any market, we chose to focus on vulnerable populations because we feel this is a segment of the population that is often ignored. We believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect and to have their opinions heard and considered.

As part of our mission, we also ensure we have a secondary impact on top of the services rendered by our feedback system. For every survey response, we make a small monetary donation. We donate to organizations such as invisiblepeople.tv and other organizations that also are striving to help individuals have their voice heard.


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